• Check in prior to arrival and receive alerts when your room is ready.
  • Make reservations with ease and peruse curated recommendations.
  • Request services or amenities, prior to your arrival or during your stay.
  • Access directions with native maps.
  • Request your electronic folio and enjoy the convenience of Mobile checkout.
  • Choose from 6 available languages (English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese German, Spanish or French).
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  • Browse hotel photos, maps and amenities before you reserve.
  • Call a hotel directly from the reservations screen.
  • Reserve at The Ritz-Carlton or other brands within the Marriott portfolio.
  • Save booking preferences and special codes for easier rebooking.


  • Add confirmed reservations and Rewards membership details to your Apple Wallet.
  • Save your favorite hotels for faster and easier booking.
  • Review reservations and account activity with or without a network connection.